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Perfecting Your Dress with Alterations in Farnborough, Hampshire

Make sure that you are comfortable on your special day thanks to my wedding and bridal dress alterations. For many years I have completed alterations and held close relations with a number of local wedding retailers.  Visit me in Farnborough, Hampshire, and try on your altered dress in a quiet fitting room.

An Array of Alterations

From hemming and adjusting bodices to adding bust cups and shortening straps, I work to ensure clients feel secure and confident on their wedding day. My alterations include:

Design Changes:
* Adding or Removing Straps
* Adding or Removing Sleeves
* Removing a Train
* Removing a Petticoat
* Changing the Neckline (Subject to Original Design)
* Adding Corset Lacing (Subject to Original Design)
Attaching a New Belt * Attaching  Lace Applique
* Reducing the Overall Size from Bust to Hip
* Repairing Lace, Beading, or Hook and Eye
* Repairing Tears * Repairing Damaged Corset Loops

Ever-Changing Costs

The cost of alterations varies depending upon the extent and nature of the job required. If you have selected a gown with lace trim at the hem, for example, the lace will need to be removed and placed into the new position. However, it may not be possible to shorten the gown from the hemline, meaning it will instead need to be shortened from the waistline, which involves significantly more work.

General Alterations Advice

The size charts for bridal wear do not match the size charts for the clothes you wear every day. They also fluctuate from one designer to another. I have listed other pieces of important information below to ensure that my clients are well-informed:

  • Dresses are not made to your specific measurements. The shop staff will advise you of the best fit and will order the size that most closely matches your measurements. If you have bought "off the peg" then you will be aware of the options regarding size at the time of purchase.
    * It is unlikely that your measurements will perfectly match a designer's size  chart. Typically the bodice/bust will require modification as will the dress length.
    * Virtually any dress can be made smaller, but few can be made bigger.  
  • * A corset-backed dress does allow for adjustment when tightening the lacing, which may accommodate  'between sizes'.
    Weight fluctation is often something that has to be dealt with and it is best that a client reaches"maintenance" by the time of their first fitting to avoid any last minute changes which can be costly if work has to be re-done.
Happy Bride

Contact me now, in Farnborough, Hampshire, to receive more information about my wedding and bridal dress alterations.